our story

dabbleberries®’ organic whipped body butter line began from a happenstance event in a kitchen in Colorado. For years, Britta (Founder and CEO), loved and used a line of whipped body butter. Sadly, the business closed its doors. Britta took it upon herself to make a batch of whipped body butter for her own personal use. Little did she know at the time it would turn into a whole business. Batch one, and it was a success. It sparked an idea to start dabbleberries. From that point forward, Britta decided to go all-in with this new business venture. And, she took it a step further. Every jar of whipped body butter must be made with 100% organic ingredients. Britta’s goal is to cater to an audience that takes their skin seriously and cares about the products they use.

She began refining her recipe and refining her recipe and refining her recipe. Perfect batches were created. Then, she began experimenting with different essential oils to achieve unique fragrances.

At the core of dabbleberries® is a commitment to push the limits, jump outside the box, and produce special, delightfully fragranced organic whipped body butter!

The name dabbleberries® came to fruition when Britta was 12. She was on iteration two of her greeting card business and wanted a creative name to brand herself. Berries were largely involved in her photography. Britta started putting together different words with the word berries. Eventually, she landed on dabbleberries® and it stuck. Over the years, the name had remained near and dear to Britta. When the idea of an organic whipped body butter business came about, naming it dabbleberries® was an instant fit! Just for fun, here’s what the 12 year old Britta used for the very 1st dabbleberries® logo.